Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy & Bullet.

Bullet in his happier days before his allergies

I've been pretty busy with commisions and haven't had time to do anything for my eBay auctions this week. But I should be on schedule for next week or maybe for a short 5 day auction ending next Sunday. I've also moved Samantha, the little witch mouse from Full Price into Auction. Her auction ends next Saturday. Plus, I'm getting ready to pick up our new foster Bull Terrier, Bullet. Poor Bullet's parents are having a tough time financially and can not afford his vetrinary care. So they surrendered him to rescue. I believe he has some severe allergy problems. But will know more once he sees the vet on Tuesday. I also get to house & crate train him. Hopefully that'll only take a week or two. So to help Bull Terrier Rescue pay for his vet bills and special diet, I'm planning to donate from some of my auctions to his care. I should have permission letter from Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. soon. But in the meanwhile, if you see an auction with no charity permission letter, that means 20% will go to the Bullet fund.

Bullet's pic from a couple of month's ago

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

His poor little feet


Jeanie said... [Reply]

Bless his little heart and bless you for taking him in and taking good care of him! I wish you both happiness and good health!

Gail Burton said... [Reply]

Oh Robin, the poor little mite! Is he still this bad or have they managed to get it under control even a tiny bit? He looks so sore, bless him. I hope you will keep us updated on his progress. Hugs to you both xx

Unknown said... [Reply]

Aw, what a sweet guy. I hope being with you does him the world of good.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks, Jeanie , Gail & Dee for your well wishes for poor Bullet! We picked him up on Sunday and he had his first vet visit yesterday. He is an absolute doll.