Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Felties!

I just finished these two new felties and listed them on eBay last night. Plus I decided to give Henry a vacation from ETSY and put him on too. Now there's an item on auction for each of my charites.

It's been a real scorcher here in the Mojave. Temperatures have been well over 100 degrees everyday. I've been turning on the swamp cooler earlier and earlier. I think it's even been too hot for the lizards. They're always in the shade. When I was doing the photo shoot for the bobcat, a big desert spiny lizard ran up the tree and got in one of the photos. It's too bad that he was just a blurr.

Mojave, the bobcat is after a fairly young bobcat that I've seen in the wash in front of my house. I use the rocks there to do a lot of my pictures, especially for the horses. There are always bobcat prints in the sand. I was hoping that if I got pictures early enough in the morning, they would show up well. Unfortunately, the winds that night erased most of the prints. I think this little guy is the offspring of the one that I used to see up at the graveyard above my house. He heads down to the park everynight to look for the cottontails that congregate there to eat grass and get water. I'm happy he hasn't gotten any of the bunnies that use my yard.

The next one I finished was a sleeping piglet. I just love the way little pigs seem so content when they sleep. It kid of reminds me of the way dogs will wag their tails when they dream. I tried to capture that expression in Posie. Posie also has a needle felted teddy to sleep with. Her tiny teddy bear is 5 way thread jointed so his head, arms and legs move.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Henry - Now on ETSY

Henry is a sweet guy with a very big mouth. But he can still keep your secrets and he's not afraid to tell you what he thinks. He's only 7 inches tall and can stand on his own with some prompting. But he prefers something or someone to lean on. His eyes are musical jingle bells with flowers that give him an astonished look. He has a very small sewn on "belly" button and was stuffed from a mixture of polyfil and wool to make him extra huggable. His tongue is lined cotton cloth that can be either stuck out or tucked in to make a handy pouch to keep your special secrets. He's made from the most shocking yellow plush.
Henry would make a very special friend for you or someone close. However he prefers to be kept away from small persons who might pull out his eyes and swallow them. So no small children, pets or other people inclined to chew on plush.
Henry is my first plushie. He's also my first item in my ETSY store. I plan to add other furry not-so-scary-monsters in the near future plus some of my felties. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sneak Peek @ Little Bit & Manitukala, the Orphaned Foal

I didn't get around to doing my listings yesterday. It was so incredibly hot, over 115 degress F. It was like walking out into a blast furnace to take pictures. So I decided to wait. It's still pretty hot out at 100 degrees on my front porch this morning at 9 am. I guess Summer has finally arrived.

The listings for Manitukala & Little Bit will begin Tuesday at 6:45 pm PDT. 20% from Manitukala's sale will be donated to Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation and 20% to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center from Little Bit's auction. I designed them to be companion pieces.

Little Bit got his name for his small size and the fact that he's always asking for a little bit more. He wants to stay up to play just a little bit longer. When his mom calls him in from play hes always says "just a little bit more". It's also his favorite saying at dinner time. But Little Bit is not afraid to share a whole lot. Even though he'd like to have this big juicy red apple for his own, this tiny raccoon has decided to give it to his new friend Manitukala.

Manitukala was inspired by the little orphaned foal at Dreamchaser by the same name. His name means guardian angel. He definitely has a guardian angel looking out for him. At last report from Susan from Dreamchaser, he is doing well. I'll post prices, etc, Tomorrow before the listings go up. But I thought you might want to take an early peek.

Here are their are the links to their auctions: … 0365428112 … 0365438268

Manitukala's reserve price is $125 and Little Bit's is $95.00

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Little Hula Pig and a New Charity

Anuenue ~ Little Rainbow

Starting bid $9.95

Reserve Price $125.00

Buy It Now $195.00

Please click here to bid or Buy It Now

(auction starts tonight @ 6:45 PM PST & will not be viewable until then)

Last week, I read about a little orphaned foal who is in desperate need of help. The post directed me to this sight, After reading reading about this poor little guy and the fate that awaited him and his mother, I couldn't stop from crying and knew I must do something to help. Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation is now one of my regular charities.

I was also reminded of something that I had heard of in passing, but it never registered until I could put face to it. PMU (pregnant mare urine) horses and their foals are regularly sent to slaughter. They are often sold and shipped off to Europe & Japan where horses are slaughtered for meat. The poor mares are kept pregnant and in stalls where they are tied both front and back for 6 months. Their resulting foals are very often sold off to feedlots as are the mares who do not impregnate readily. Fortunately, this practice is waning because of a 2004 study linking estrogen hormone replacement with cancer and heart disease. But this also means that these horses are now being dumped into a market where there are already hundreds of horses looking for caring homes. The people of Dreamchaser and other rescues like them have the very difficult task of finding these poor animals homes where they will at last know kindness from the hands of humans.

So now you're probably asking "Why a pig and why is it in a hula skirt?". Years ago insulin was derived from pig hormones. Now it is synthetically produced and pigs need not be slaughtered so that people may live. If we can replace pig insulin with a synthetic, why not do the same with horse estrogen? So the little piggy is in a hula skirt because she's been invited to a luau where pork isn't on the menu. 20% from her sale will be donated to help "Orphan" at Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Good luck bidding!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Colds and My Latest Works

It's been a while since my last post. I've been down with some kind of Summer Flu bug and it seems to have gotten the better of me. There's nothing worse than being congested and running a fever in over 100 degree desert heat. Needless to say my creativity has been a bit slowed. But I did manage to get one thing sculpted and on eBay. It's a little bunny with red wings. It was inspired by a favorite book had when I was growing up. It was my Aunt's book when she was a child. "The Little Rabbit who wanted Red Wings" whose main focus is the old adage "be careful what you wish for, you just may get it". So here's my little bunny. I named him Snowy.

Starting Bid $9.95

Reserve Price $95.00

Buy It Now $195.00

Please click here to visit his auction

I also finished a commission of a unicorn. here's his picture.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Food! Plus Duncan and his Doughnut.

Happy July 4th----almost. Here in Jo'burg the town is having a picnic in the park below my house and at night the locals will light up their "safe and sane" fireworks in the ball field. Later, after the fire department has left, they blow off the insane ones. They're fun to watch. But a bit scary. I'll be out all night with the water hose at the ready. One my favorite things about the holidays is the food! And food is one of my favorite things to felt. Here's a few examples of what I've done. I hope you enjoy them.

Also, I'd like to introduce you to Duncan. He's a cute little mousie who dreams of tubing down a river of chocolate milk on his doughnut he's available for adoption now and is currently on eBay until Wednesdy at 6:45 pm PST.