Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Azure, a Baby Blue Jay

Spring is in the air and it's baby bird season. I just finished little Azure tonight. He's scheduled to go on eBay this Sunday.  But I'm giving all of my blog followers first chance at buying him. He's $115.00 shipping and insurance included. Just let me know if you would like to purchase him and I will invoice you through PayPal.
Update 3/26/2011: He's now sold :-)

My Latest Guys for Spring, Plus a Great Dollar Store Find

I found these mesh bags at the Dollar Tree.  They come three to a pack.  These mesh bags really do come in handy for drying my dyed wool items like this carrot. The really fun thing, especially in the hot Summer months, is swinging the bags around to spin out any excess water.

This is Mr. Jingles from "The Green Mile".  He was a special commission piece. I order the wooden spool from a wonderful seller on Etsy, Simply Suzula. She has lots of cool vintage sewing supplies.

Here's my latest little Dwarf Netherlands Bunny. His eBay auction starts this Sunday. The carrot pictured above is the one drying in the bag. He comes complete with the carrot and a blown & decorated egg.  I had a lot of fun doing the egg. First I  tried dying it with Kool-Aid. I thought since it works so well dying wool, it would be great for egg shells, too. Not so.  It just coated the outside and barely penetrated the shell. So I went with the old stand-by of food coloring and vinegar. I next used artist markers and acohol to do some muted swirly designs and glued acrylic gems to the shell. I can't wait to do more. Sold 3/27/20011

Last is little Buttons. Like Peeps, he's only 2 3/4 inches tall. I did him to give people another chance at one of my little ones since Peeps sold so quickly. He's for sale for $60.00 (free shipping & insurance). So if you'd like to purchase him before his listing starts this Sunday, please drop me an email & I'd be happy to invoice you through PayPal.  Also if you'd like to purchase the bunny, his price is $200.00 (free shipping and insurance). Buttons just sold.

I hope you are all having a wonderful first week of Spring. It's been pretty cold & raniny here. But the desert flowers are starting to bloom.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jay Jay, the Chimp

Here it is another Sunday and another listing. This is little Jay Jay. He stands 7 inches tall. I hope you all like him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Little Sleepy Bunny

I just finished this little guy and will list him on eBay this Sunday.  He comes complete with his up-cycled wool felt blankie.
Update: The little bunny is already sold :-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sir Reginald E. Frog & Miss Millicent Mouse

Here's my rendition of "Froggy went a Courting".  I usually don't do too much costuming. This pair were quite a challenge. I started by wanting to make their clothing removable. The frog's clothing is. But the mouse's seemed to be more difficult to do that way. So hers is not.  I hope you like them. It's always nice to do things that make you stretch your abilities.