Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rallying Support for a Great Photographer

It's really hard to get noticed these days in the world of social media and even harder for really good artists to get noticed over the ones with the most friends and loudest voices.  I'd like to help a fellow artist, Alison Clarke, get noticed.  She is a superb rock concert photographer and has entered her photo (above) in a contest. I've looked through many of the pics on the site and hers is by far the best. I'm not just saying this because she took her picture of my favorite band or because she is a moderator at a forum that I belong to. It's because her work stands head shoulders above the rest. So if you'd like to see the best art prevail, please pass this along to your friends and register to vote for her. You can vote once each day. Here's the contest link.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Party Pig, Taylor, the Mouse & an Award for Belle

This is just too cool! Belle, my needle felted donkey took first place in the Felted Bear or Animal Category at the Teddy Bear Artists & Friends first ever awards. You can click here to view her and the other award winners.  So to celebrate here's my party pig and little Taylor.  Their eBay auctions start tonight at the usual time (6:45 Pm PST).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chippy, the mouse and the Bear

Well after some real struggles with my Native doll, I decided to sell the bear seperately.  It's so warm here that when I work on an area of the piece the other gets pushed out of propotion no matter how long I put it in the refridgerator. So I'm trying to leach the clay and will see if that works better.

So I decided to work on some felted guys. Presently, I'm working on a party pig. (I'm now addicted to Farmville thanks to some cousins who play on facebook) I'm also researching gypsy caravans. I'd love to do a 1/12 scale one just for me. My latest obession is Gogol Bordello, a sort of gypsy punk band. I love their music and got their latest cd (Transcontinental Hustle) as birthday present. It has such energy. Eugene Hutz is just too cool.  
(July 31, 2009 - Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images North America)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer and will post pics of the Party pig soon.
I got this one in my email, today and thought I'd share it with you all. It seemed only all too fitting with the bear.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Bear is Finished, Save for some Grooming & Trimming

Well here it is a few days later and I have the bear all furred. He needs a bit of grooming. But I'll finish that when I can pay more attention to it. I usually do the final grooming a day or so later. I hope you all like him & have a happy 4th ~Robin