Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Opossum and a Sleepy Chipmunk

I have two new ones on eBay now. They started on Sunday at 6:45 PM PDT and are 7 day listings. Hopefully, I'll get back to my old Sunday listing schedule. As I promised starting this Fall, I would dropped the reserve pricing. But things seem very slow on eBay right now. I'm worried about starting the bidding at my old $9.95. So for now until things pick up again the starting bids will be at least $95.00.

The opossum's name is Filbert. He, like my other possums, was inspired by the little ones that nested in my Christmas ornaments in my basement. My little guys were born in the Summer and by Fall they were getting to look more like adults and most left to start their own families. But Filbert stuck around. When I put out the kid's jack-o-lanterns, he could be seen very often perched on top of one. I made him to look like baby Filbert because he was just so adorable when he was small.

The little chipmunk is named Peanut. He kind of reminded me of a little peanut and of course that's their favorite treat. He's made from a variety of wools. I have him curled so you can lay him in a couple of positions for different looks. I also created a little nest of fall leaves using the nuno felting technique that I learned from Chrissy. I've added a few of my own twists to that technique. I use two pieces of bubblewrap. I slightly wet the first one with very hot soapy water. Then I lay my wool down. Then the piece of tulle or silk on top of that. More wool next and I sprinkle some more soapy water. Next I lay the second piece of bublewrap on top of that. I gently move the piece back and forth, just a little. Then I roll it back and forth. Next, I slam the whole thing against the counter (that's the really fun part). Finally I shock the piece in a bath of ice cold water and leave it to dry. After it has dried somewhat I iron it with my steam iron on the wool setting, Finally each leaf was hand dyed and embroidered.

20% from the sale of both of these pieces will be donated to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center. Fall and Spring are particularly busy times for wildlife rescues and I'm sure they can use the cash. Next week the donations will go to Old Dog Haven. They have over 170 senior pups in their care right now!


Cheryl said... [Reply]

Hi Robin! They are both fantastic! Your work is always so beautiful and inspirational. I think you are wise in your approach to eBay--things do seem slow on it.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Hi Cheryl! Thanks again :-)! It's been horribly slow for me. I've had two weeks with no sales. I gues I should count my blessings. This is the first time this happened since I started selling my felties over a year and a half ago..

SuperGirl1970 Carver said... [Reply]

you are luck, I spent 7 years on etsy with only one three dollar sale.