Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy First Day Of Fall!

I had some fun over the weekend. I went to the Ridgecrest Pow Wow. It's kind of on the small side as Pow Wows go. But it was nice to hear the drums and see the dancers. I also got to buy a few things for some new works. I was so happy to see the vendor who I bought beads and artifical sinew from last year. I also bought some very tiny hair pipe bone beads to make choker for one of my bears. I plan on giving Honey boo bear another look. I always enjoy pow wows. I'm kind of new to this area so I didn't know many of the people there. But it was still very welcoming.

I'm so excited that Fall is finally here. Soon the wheather will begin to chill a bit. We still have nearly 80 degree wheather well into October. It sure beats the over 100 degrees. I'll be out hiking in the afternoon instead of sitting at the mini-mart drinking soda.

I just finished two new pieces and have them listed on eBay. Their auctions started last night. One is a little piggy that I named Isaac for his amazing discovery about gravity and apples. Plus he figured out why they call this season Fall. Things are always falling from the trees. I needle felted his apples and hand dyed them using Koolaid.

The other piece is a little black kitten that I named after a black cat that I knew when I was young. His name was Black Magic. The elder lady who owned him said he had 13 lives. She used to dress up as witch on Halloween. She always gave the best treats, Popcorn balls (still warm) and cupcakes.

I hope you enjoy my new works. Please click here to view their auctions.


Cheryl said... [Reply]

Robin, you do amazingly beautiful work! It's always a joy to see your next creation!

Bearly Sane said... [Reply]

Oh I love your little pig Isaac, with his basket of apples...he's delightful.
I wish you well with your auctions!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks Sandi & Cheryl!

Raggy Rat said... [Reply]

love the pig ... i'd definately trade with you :-)
thanks for admiring my terrier dog xxx