Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two New Ones

These are my latest little ones for auction tonight. The first is little Trina & her strawberry. The second is Utley, a little white tailed antelope ground squirrel. You can see them skittering around in the Mojave Desert, I have several in my yard. They're kind of fun to watch. They like to hop in and out of my Italian cypress trees and chase each other around the yard.  They're kind of like the desert version of a chipmunk.


Gypsyheart said... [Reply]

Awesome so life like!

Helen Priem said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness ! do I love this little chipmunk !!!

Maru said... [Reply]

Preciosos, como siempre. Me vuelven loca esos roedores tanto el ratoncito como la ardilla son de lo más tierno.

Cerchio Fatato said... [Reply]

They are absolutely so cute!

Sharon said... [Reply]

So lifelike and so incredibly cute!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Awesome and so cute!! They are just perfect!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thank you all for the compliments :-)

Wendy Luane Barber said... [Reply]

What cute little critters. I love them