Sunday, July 17, 2011

Found & Adopted

This poor fellow looks to be abandoned. A local witnessed a person drop him off with a plate of food. He has managed to escape from everyone in town who has tried to adopt him.  I'm guessing he's about 10 months old and is unaltered. He's kind of a tall fellow and probably weighs about 50 to 60 lbs.  He was found 7/10/2011 on highway 395, 22 miles from Ridgecrest, CA.  He's been adopted again by another local. I hope it works out. He's a wonderful pup. But definitely not to Bullet's liking.


Maru said... [Reply]

Espero que tenga mucha suerte. Nosotros acabamos de adoptar también a otra perrita. La encontró mi hijo en la Autovía a Huelva y se la trajo para casa. No tendrá más de 6 meses y ahora está aquí feliz con la otra que adoptamos hace unos 4 meses. Las dos pasan el día jugando, corriendo y recibiendo caricias y cariño. Intentaré poner también fotos en mi blog... si se están quietas un momento para poder hacerles esas fotos :-) Un beso.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks Maru & good luck with your new pups :-)

Helen said... [Reply]

Awwwww he is simply adorable! Lets hope this home is his forever home! So cute! :) x

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks Helen :-) This fellow found his way again to our home. He hopped out his owners bathroom window while the owner was at work. Luckily the new owner has found someone to puppy sit now. And fortunately for Bullet it's not us.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Update on the Husky. The man who adopted this fellow told us that he thinks the dog deserves his freedom and should be allowed to roam where ever. That includes the highway just a few blocks from his house. He informed my husband that if we had another home for the pup that would be ok with him. Much to this guy's surprise, we took the dog away from him and to the local animal shelter and contacted some husky rescues. I found out that the local shelter has really changed for the better and is practically a no-kill facility! This beautiful pup found a home just last Saturday and was neutered this Friday. I was so pleased to find out that the shelter does house checks! I talked to the new owner via facebook and it looks very promising for this guy.