Friday, July 8, 2011

Pickles, the Ticklish Piglet

I just finished little Pickles this afternoon.  He's about 9 inches long to his tail.  He's my first ever open mouthed piggy.  Pickles was inspired by the scene in "Babe" where Mrs. Hogett is measuring poor Babe to see if  he will fit in the roasting pan.  Babe looked so cute giggling, that I had to make a giggling piglet.  Pickles is truly happy because he isn't destine for the oven.


Miriam M. Hughes said... [Reply]

love little Pickels!

HelenLovesCashmere said... [Reply]

Pickles is a precious little piggy! So very cute! :) x

Catherine said... [Reply]

Pickles looks like she's laughing too. Another wonderful sculpt!!!!

Gypsyheart said... [Reply]

Precious, the detail is amazing!

Daphne said... [Reply]

This lil piggy is absolutely adorable! Thank you for the smile.
Beautiful work.

Cheryl said... [Reply]

*gasp*.... girl your work is AMAZING!! Wow!

Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria said... [Reply]

¡¡ Que cosa mas linda !!!
me encanta !!!
es increible lo bien y bonito que te ha quedado !!!
un trabajo inmejorable !!!
¡¡¡ felicidades por tu excelente trabajo !!!

.. * . (\ *** /) * . * Un besito
.* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . cielo
.* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . que tengas
.* . * . /___\ * . . un buen dia

Barby Anderson said... [Reply]

Oh Robin how darling! This has to be my fav of all of your art to date! Wonderful! I have been working on a pig in a dress right now so we must have been thinking piggies at the same time!

Kelly said... [Reply]

lol...I love it!!!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone for the compliments on little Pickles :-)
Lol, Barby. It does seem like it's piggy season or something. A friend of mine on Facebook, Melisa Nichols, listed her little piggy on eBay just as I was putting the finishing touches on Pickles. The picture she showed looked a lot like the pose I had Pickles in. But the piggy looks entirely different. I guess great minds think alike ;-) Here's a link to her auction.​ISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=17​0664777881&ssPageName=STRK​%3AMESELX%3AIT

Conni said... [Reply]

Very cute!

Sharon said... [Reply]

He is so lifelike! I want to tickle his tiny tummy. :D I'm amazed at the detail you get into things so tiny. Beautiful. :)

Mya.L said... [Reply]

Un chef-d'oeuvre !

Jeanie said... [Reply]

I think I can hear his squeely little laugh all the way up here in Indiana! So cute!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said... [Reply]

Oh my!!! Pickles is absolutely PERFECT!! I just LOVE him!!

Kirsi said... [Reply]

WoW! This is absolutely LOVELY! <3

kasia said... [Reply]


Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thank you, Conni, Mya, Sharon, Jeanie, Cheryl, Kirsi & Kasia!

Wendy Luane Barber said... [Reply]

He's so cute.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks, Wendy :-)

asia said... [Reply]

so so lovely:)

Helen Priem said... [Reply]

This is the ultimate cuteness, Robin he is amazing and shares first place with your baby robin.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks Helen & Asia :0) your compliments mean a lot to me.

Dorote said... [Reply]

OMG! this is just to cute! Love love love!