Monday, January 24, 2011

Double B Day

Today is one of Bullet's favorite days and not-so-favorite days. It's bone day and guess where the first palce he headed off to was. You guessed work chair! It's also one of his not so-favorite days, Bath Day. He gets a bath every other day. The poor guy has to endure 10 minutes of soaking his feet, a first shampoo and rinse, then a second shampoo, another 10 minute wait and a final rinse. He gets towel dried and if he's really soaking wet, blow dried. He thinks the blow dryer some kind of evil monster and will try to attack it sometimes. I guess you could've called it a triple B day. Because instead of his usual lunch of chicken, brown rice & veggies, he got a brunch of a poached egg and oatmeal with dried cherries. He ate the egg and picked out the dried cherries and left the oatmeal. Who could blame him though. Oatmeal with no salt, butter or sugar is pretty yucky stuff. But luckily for him, dinner is grilled pork loin, broccoli and sweet potato.


Marisa Stein said... [Reply]

Poor Bullet, My Beagle Lady hates baths too

Ascension said... [Reply]

El Bull Terrier de mi hijo se llama Kaiser y le esta dando muchos problemas porque es muy jugueton y no le hace mucho caso, al final tendran que llevarlo para que lo eduquen.
Tu perro es precioso, pero he entendido que cuando lo conseguiste estaba enfermo, espero que ya se haya recuperado.
besitos ascension

ines paiva raposo said... [Reply]

krex said... [Reply]

Dinner sounds great and I would like to make a reservation to join him....say, around 7ish ?

As to the harsh bath day routine...I reluctantly admit that once again, I have been out done in hygiene by an animal...(usually it's my cats giving themselves hourly tongue baths that put me to shame .)

Wishing you both a lovely day of both trials and treats .

Donna said... [Reply]

I remember bath days for a dog. Poor Bullet every other day must be a drag. He looks so much better so you are definitely getting him in good shape. Good luck Bullet! Enjoy your supper sounds good.

Sabse said... [Reply]

My sincerest condolences to Bullet. ;-)

DollZandThingZ said... [Reply]

He looks so sweet on the chair! He is looking better and better.
Hank, our 4 pound Yorkie, HATES bath day.
Bullet is eating so well...despite his dislike of oatmeal. Sweet boy. Hug him for me!

Kelly said... [Reply]

Awww, poor Bullet that sounds like quite a long bath to endure.. he's super cute in your chair!


Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria said... [Reply]

que perro mas mono tienes ,pero no le gusta mucho el baño, y menos aun el secador.jajaja
pero veo que para la comida no le hace ascos a nada.
un besito ,que tengas una buena semana

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone:0) I just posted some more pics of Bullet's bath. He wasn't too happy. But he suffered through it. It's kind of funny when I lead him back to the bathroom. He heads straight for his dog crate. He's a happy camper now. He gobbled up his dinner and got a sardine for a snack. They're full of calcium and Omega-3 Fatty acid which is good for allergies :0).

April said... [Reply]

Will Bullet eat broccoli? It is the one thing our Rottie, BIG AL, would SPIT Clear across the room!!!!
Bath day here is clenching your teeth, putting on your oldest jeans with the holes, and eating more vitamins than usual. THREE dogs in the tub, one at a time- I'm NOT CRAZY! and bending over and scrubbing and saying, "TURN AROUND! UGH!!! HERE...I"LL HELP YOU!!! JUST TURN AROUND!!!!! Good BOY!" Then for some reason they will NOT shake when you want them too. "NO! I am going to wait and do my special BIG SHAKE when I get OUT of the tub and NOT before!" So cleanup is a HORROR!!! Might as well bring Bullet here and I'll throw him into the tub with the rest!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everybody. Bullet likes broccoli and cauliflower. He doesn't care for peas, tolerates carrots and absolutely loves sweet potato.
April, I'm glad I just have the one guy to bath :-)