Monday, January 31, 2011

And the Winner is


Thank you everyone for your comments and interest in my blog. I wish you all could have won!


Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria said... [Reply]

Muchisimas felicidades a la ganadora ,que disfrute de su espectacular regalos.
gracias por celebrar este sorteo y darnos la oportunidad de participar en el.
un beso

Helen Priem said... [Reply]

Jeanie, congratulations!!
What a wonderful present!

DollZandThingZ said... [Reply]

Congratulations to Jeannie. Lovely little mouse !

Hotazuru said... [Reply]


Jeanie said... [Reply]

Pinch don't....I don't want to wake up if this is a dream! I'm just thrilled to win the little mousie and can't thank you enough! Your work is amazing and I'm honored to have one of your creations heading to my home.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

Congratulations Jeanie!!! Congratulations little mousE, you are going to a loving home.
That was such fun!
We all won, we all get to see your wonderful creations on your blog! You bring us much joy!
Thank you!
Many xxx

BiWuBär said... [Reply]

Congratulations to Jeanie, you're a very lucky lady. And a very big "Thank you" to you, Robin, for giving us the chance of winning something so beautiful. Well, looking at your pictures is satisfying, too... ;O)


Donna said... [Reply]

Way To Go Jeannie!

Susi said... [Reply]

Muchas felicidades , espero que la ganadora cuide muy bien al chiquitin....y a ti muchas gracias por ofrecernos la oportunidad, besos.

Kikka said... [Reply]

Congratulations to the Happy Winner!

Rosella said... [Reply]

Congratulazioni alla vincitrice e grazie a te per questa fantastica opportunità!!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said... [Reply]


Peikko said... [Reply]

Congratulations Jeanie! That was really a lovely little thing to win ;)

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

This was fun. But folding over 209 little slips of paper was maybe not-so fun. I'm thinking of doing another give-away in a few months so stay tuned. Thanks again to everyone and congratulations, Jeanie. I'm getting your package ready to ship today. That is if our Post Office is open. I went yesterday to ship some packages and it was closed because the postmaster was ill and the note on the door said he will be in today, maybe? I had to ship my packages in Ridgecrest. So if it's closed again, I'll ship the little mousie from Ridgecrest on Thursday. Life in a tiny town is sometimes very incovenient.

Nancy said... [Reply]

Congratulations Jeanie! :-))
Gr. Nancy

A Little More Minis said... [Reply]

Congratulations Jeanie!
I am very happy for you :)

Hugs, Jollie

Jeanie said... [Reply]

Dear Robin,
Tender little Lucky arrived this morning, safe and sound! He is spectacular and I'm in love! What a wonderful Valentine present.
I started my day with a frozen main water line (8 hours is still not repaired) and when the postman knocked on the door, my day changed in an instant! Oh, don't worry...I keep plenty of bottled water on hand and Lucky was able to have his fill after his long journey.
I can't thank you enough for your generosity and I will treasure Lucky! I'll get some pictures posted on my blog soon, so that I can show him off to others.
Thank you again for sharing your talent so generously!
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks for letting me know of Lucky's safe arrival through all of this wintery weather, Jeanie :-)
Sorry to hear about your water main. I hope they get it repaired soon. You got to feel for those poor water guys working in the freezing cold and wet.