Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Duck

I just finished this little duckling this morning. It was quite a chore to get her to balance after I added his final layer of wool. I then realized that I added more wool to his chest and unbalanced her.Her eBay starts Sunday at 6:45 PM PST.  This little fuzzy one is yet to be named. Any suggestions would be welcome.


DollZandThingZ said... [Reply]

You are so talented. This duckling is just precious! What a cutie! Is it a he or she? I think you referred to it as both.

Jeanie said... [Reply]

Sweet face! How about Edie (E=Easter D=Duck)...Edie!

BiWuBär said... [Reply]

This is so very well-done... as usual, of course. No surprise it was difficult to get the balance right. By the way, feet and beak are amazingly realistic.

And its name... hmmmm, I would go for "The pretty duckling", we all know the fairytale of "The ugly duckling" so it might be time for a real duckling which is amazingly pretty... ;O)

Wishing you a great success for the auction and a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said... [Reply]

So sweet!! He's looking back for his friends! Matty the Duck!

Sabse said... [Reply]

I think "Quiril" would be a sweet name for the little duckling. :-)

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

Oh Such a sweet little ducky. She's lovely.

Gail Burton said... [Reply]

Robin, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little cracker, and I do admire your use of the poly clay (?!) I'm all fingers and thumbs when it comes to using that stuff, lol!

Gail x

Helen Priem said... [Reply]

Amazing, she looks so soft and warm!
You just want to hold her!

Kelly said... [Reply]

Beautiful ducky, I'll be waiting/watching so I can bid! I'm not good with naming or I would suggestion one! ;)


avateddy said... [Reply]

Your duckling is sooooo sweet. I LOVE her!

Olga Ю said... [Reply]

He is very cute!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone! Sometimes names come easily and other times it's hard to even figure out the gender. This one is one of those.
Edie is a cute name as are Matty & Quiril. Lol @ "Pretty Duck" I'm kind of thinking of Jemima, after Jemima, Puddle Duck.

Donna said... [Reply]

Oh what a cutie. So real looking, makes me think of spring and we have 6" of snow here. I had a duck when I was two, he was forever chasing after me and our dog was always chasing after him. We were quite a noisy set of babies. I would call him/her Lovey.
Have a great weekend.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thsnks, Donna :0) Lol, at your ducky & pup. I used to get chased by my sister's nasty rooster, named Cheepie. It was hard to ever believe that he was ever a cute little Easter chick. I don't think I'd like all that snow. I'm certainly happy I live in California!

Ascension said... [Reply]

Que realismo, me encanta.
Se podria llamar "pato Lucas".
besitos ascension

Leny said... [Reply]

Love this ducky too!


Kikka N said... [Reply]

What a Lovely Ducky! How about Lily?

TreeFeathers said... [Reply]

The little ducky is adorable, your work is amazing! I think Jemima is a great name for her (and not just because it was my great-grandmother's name, lol).

- Grace

Suzann said... [Reply]

I just recently discovered your work - what an amazing gift you have! I am in awe... what about Daisy?

Marfolhuz miniatures said... [Reply]

She looks amazingly real!