Monday, July 20, 2009

Sneak Peek @ Little Bit & Manitukala, the Orphaned Foal

I didn't get around to doing my listings yesterday. It was so incredibly hot, over 115 degress F. It was like walking out into a blast furnace to take pictures. So I decided to wait. It's still pretty hot out at 100 degrees on my front porch this morning at 9 am. I guess Summer has finally arrived.

The listings for Manitukala & Little Bit will begin Tuesday at 6:45 pm PDT. 20% from Manitukala's sale will be donated to Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation and 20% to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center from Little Bit's auction. I designed them to be companion pieces.

Little Bit got his name for his small size and the fact that he's always asking for a little bit more. He wants to stay up to play just a little bit longer. When his mom calls him in from play hes always says "just a little bit more". It's also his favorite saying at dinner time. But Little Bit is not afraid to share a whole lot. Even though he'd like to have this big juicy red apple for his own, this tiny raccoon has decided to give it to his new friend Manitukala.

Manitukala was inspired by the little orphaned foal at Dreamchaser by the same name. His name means guardian angel. He definitely has a guardian angel looking out for him. At last report from Susan from Dreamchaser, he is doing well. I'll post prices, etc, Tomorrow before the listings go up. But I thought you might want to take an early peek.

Here are their are the links to their auctions: … 0365428112 … 0365438268

Manitukala's reserve price is $125 and Little Bit's is $95.00