Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Henry - Now on ETSY

Henry is a sweet guy with a very big mouth. But he can still keep your secrets and he's not afraid to tell you what he thinks. He's only 7 inches tall and can stand on his own with some prompting. But he prefers something or someone to lean on. His eyes are musical jingle bells with flowers that give him an astonished look. He has a very small sewn on "belly" button and was stuffed from a mixture of polyfil and wool to make him extra huggable. His tongue is lined cotton cloth that can be either stuck out or tucked in to make a handy pouch to keep your special secrets. He's made from the most shocking yellow plush.
Henry would make a very special friend for you or someone close. However he prefers to be kept away from small persons who might pull out his eyes and swallow them. So no small children, pets or other people inclined to chew on plush.
Henry is my first plushie. He's also my first item in my ETSY store. I plan to add other furry not-so-scary-monsters in the near future plus some of my felties. I'll keep you posted.