Saturday, January 17, 2015

Millicent Mouse and the Annual Give Away Rules

Here's little Millicent. I made her so she can either be posed standing or laying down.  I had fun distressing the fabric for her little quilt and pillow.  I used alcohol  inks and coffee. Then I sanded the fabric. I hope you like her.
Now, what you've been waiting for....... the rules for the give away.  After the poll has closed I will make a post entitled Give Away Entries.  Leave a comment there and it will count as one entry.  If you want to increase your odds of winning, you can also post on my Facebook wall (please mention in your post that it is for the giveaway) and it will count as an additional entry. The drawing will be held February 14, 2015.  Good luck to all. 


Nikki C said... [Reply]

This is just so sweet your little mouse is adorable thank you for the chance to win it :) hugs Nikki C

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Sorry, Nikki, but Millicent isn't the give away prize. She will be up for sale on eBay this Sunday. The give away poll to decide what animal is to be the prize is open until January 28, 2015. :-)

Lee said... [Reply]

So nice of you to have a giveaway! ❤️Your work, especially the ūüź≠!

Kays Kids said... [Reply]

Love, love little Millicent. She is one of your best.

I would like to enter your give away, how exciting.
Hugs Kay

PILAR6373 said... [Reply]

Millicent es preciosa,adorable y la camita que le has preparado es encantadora!!!!!!

Kikka N said... [Reply]

Millicent is wonderful and very adorable as your mice are always!

Nikki C said... [Reply]

Oh then I would love to see another mouse or even a squirrel as your prize hugs Nikki

Unknown said... [Reply]

I LOVE your work. She is adorable!

Forrest Fairy said... [Reply]

Oh Robin how i would love the honor of having one of your beautiful creations in my home!! <3 I would treasure it for life!! Hugs Joyce XX

NarinaNäpertää said... [Reply]

Oh my...!! How cute she is!! (**)
Absolutely LOVE her :)
All your works are always so awesome - but I do repeat myself - love most your mice.
Have dreamed for long time to win one of your amazing works for myself - can't wait to see what comes up for grabs as prize..
Partly, I hope that a mouse, but if luck wouldn't touch the me, then it would be terrible to see it going elsewhere...
Well, we see what comes ;)
Hugs, Irina

mike said... [Reply]

Love your little mice. That's my vote

CWPoppets said... [Reply]

Whatever the poll say's it will be a lovely creature. Count me in!

Jamie Vance said... [Reply]

Love her Mousie expression with those big eyes she melts your heart!

our travels said... [Reply]

I just received a starter kit of a little dog. I hope one day tO be able to do something as lovely as your sweet mouse. I love dearly, and I hope she comes to live with me.

Esther Merdian said... [Reply]

Hi Love your work millicent is so cute.

Laurey said... [Reply]

Millicent is lovely, another great piece of art. She has such a winsom expression! You do the best felted art mice and rats, hands down.

Stella said... [Reply]

She is such a magnificent little mousy! I do hope she will consider coming to stay at my house. ūüėÉ

Teruka said... [Reply]

I love your little mouse. I would like to enter your give away.

Amber Cade said... [Reply]

we had a pet rat a few years ago, Murray. She was a wonderful, loving, and caring pet for my son with sensory disorder. She sat on his shoulder every day he did homework or read his books. She would snuggle up in between your shoulder and your neck and just be there for you. Millicent is a perfect example of the mousy innocence, that Murray once was. Wonderful work!

Bronne said... [Reply]

Amazing artistry with felt!

Patricia Conlon said... [Reply]

I will enter your giveaway!

Patricia Conlon said... [Reply]

Would love a mouse!

kathleen codyrachel said... [Reply]

Your work is so astonishingly beautiful - I love my Lily but wouldn't she just love a mouse to play with?

dahlia said... [Reply]

She's adorable, you make it look so easy!

Mara Morell said... [Reply]

She is wonderful..your work is full of magic,wonder and spirit

Kays Kids said... [Reply]

I'm so pleased the mouse won... Good luck in making him.

miniaturista said... [Reply]

Que precioso, ¿es el ratoncito Perez?
Tiene m√°gia y me ha enamorado, es adorable.
Un abrazo

tuppence said... [Reply]

I fell in love with your work on Pinterest. I'm so happy to discover your blog. Now, if I could just win one of your darling creations...;)

Sarah Mclachlan said... [Reply]

Please enter me !! Your work is amazing !!

Dorie Lee said... [Reply]

Beautiful work ... reminds me of another friend, Helen, who had passed away.

(I want to acquire a mouse from you since I was born under the Chinese sign, the mouse.)


kathleen codyrachel said... [Reply]

I love your work - so delicate and sweet and though I'd scream if a mouse came running across my living room! I'd love having a few of your mice playing in there!

Amanda Hollis said... [Reply]

I cherish your art! Thanks for brightening my day with you sweet creations!