Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Give Away Entries

Well it looks like mouse won by a landslide! That makes it the 7th year in a row! So here's your chance to enter.  You can enter the give away by posting a comment below and or leaving a comment on my Facebook wall. If you do both you get 2 entries :-) You have until February 14thto enter. Good luck to all. Now I have to get busy and make a mouse ;-)


suzetal1 said... [Reply]

Cute cute cute! You have a new fan Robin!

tammytheburke said... [Reply]

I would love to have a little feltie come to my house to live. ^_^

Lee said... [Reply]

So excited about your give away!
Crossing my fingers and toes...
Thanks! ❤️🐭 Lee

Patricia Conlon said... [Reply]

Love your work! Please enter me in the giveaway.

Paeonia Drop said... [Reply]

Can't wait to see the sweet little mouse. So excited!

Laurey said... [Reply]

I am bowing out of the giveaway because I won last year, but wanted to show my support anyway!

This is such a generous thing to do, Robin! I think it's wonderful and I can't wait to see this year's mouse. <3

Meredith Ozer said... [Reply]

I just know that little mousie wants to come live at my house!

PILAR6373 said... [Reply]

Me encantaría que ese precioso ratón viniera a vivir a mi casa!!!!
Gracias por la oportunidad.

katuasha said... [Reply]

I Love your work! So excited!

Hilde said... [Reply]

I really would like the chance to have another one of your beautiful art.

Kikka N said... [Reply]

No wonder the Mouse won! They are always so wonderful and cute!
PLease count me in into your generous giveaway! I'll pu the link into my blog

Forrest Fairy said... [Reply]

So happy i caught the giveaway on time this year haha, i always just see it when its over hehe ^_^ So here i am, with a biiiiig enter, of course i left you one on FB as well hehe ^_^ Keep up the amazing work Robin, i love to see absolutely everything you make <3 Hugs, Joyce

Lee said... [Reply]

I am so please the mouse won. I wonder if the little one would like to come and live way down south with me

Susannelfe said... [Reply]

I want to become a lucky woman, if I win and I can`t wait to see the Sweetie.
You have a big Fan in Frankfurt. ♥

Rakkaleinchen said... [Reply]

Thank you for this great chance! I love your needle felted mice, they are so adorable <3

Klare said... [Reply]

The mice are so cute I'm not surprised it's come top in the poll. It's always lovely to see your creations. You have inspired me to try needle felting and I have made jack Russell dog and a small fox key fob and have started a mouse but it's not coming together how I want it. So will just keep admiring yours. Please enter me in to draw.
Hope to see you make some birds some time wrens are favourite.

CWPoppets said... [Reply]

Would love to own a mouse made by you!

Enchanted Doll Maker said... [Reply]

I love your little mice. You make them so well, I can always tell when I see one that it is yours. I would absolutely love to win one. Thank you!

Erin Wright said... [Reply]

Enchanting work!

Partrice Haynes said... [Reply]

I'm not really surprised that the mouse won as they are so adorable! Yet, I truly think that all your creations are wonderful!! Thanks for running your very generous Giveawy.- Please count me in.

NarinaNäpertää said... [Reply]

I'd LOVE to enter - hope you'll count me in :)
Hugs, Irina

Janet said... [Reply]

Oh I can't wait to see the mouse and maybe just maybe win it! <3 Janet Kisch

Penelope said... [Reply]

I love your little mouse. Please include me in your giveaway! We would love to have the mouse come live at our house!

mvink said... [Reply]

I can't wait to see the cute mouse!! I'm crossing everything possible to win this year's giveaway! Thank you for the chance! Melissa

sophie b said... [Reply]

Oh happy day! I've just discovered you and am floored by your talent. I had mice dolls like these when I was a little girl. Now my 3 year old Eloise and almost 2 year old Charlotte are showing interest in playing with mice dolls too. Hurray! Looking forward to seeing your next work. Have a nice day.

Mumsie said... [Reply]

I recently became an empty nester and would love to have a little pal join me. I have fiber and needles, and now more time, so maybe a little mouse could be an inspiration. Your work is so fun to look at, it just makes me happy

pepperMO said... [Reply]

Hello! Big fan of your incredible work. Count me in, please!

Pommom said... [Reply]

Love her! I have been following your work for a few years and inspire to some day be as talented.

Susan Stentiford said... [Reply]

Absolutely love your creations! I am a new fan! Look forward to seeing your new works of art.

cobblestonerow said... [Reply]

Your creations are amazing!! If you stare at them long enough they surely must move : )

miniaturista said... [Reply]

Ohh un ratoncito, que ilusión poder tener la oportunidad de ser su mama y cuidarle con ampor.
Pongo enlace en m blog.
Muchas gracias por la oportunidad.
Feliz día de los enamorados
Un abrazo

Jan J. said... [Reply]

Your little creatures have such personality and seem like real little cuties. I would love to have one come live with me. Thanks for the chance.

MelanieMargaret said... [Reply]

Please include my name in your mouse give-away! I love your mice! :)

Talkin' to myself...... said... [Reply]

I am a mouse and rodent lover and collect stuffed mice and rats. Your work is amazing and very realistic. I would love and treasure this tiny creation. Please enter me in the contest!