Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toffee & Valentine, a Little Mouse and Piglet

Here are my next two for eBay. The first is a little sleepy mouse named Toffee and the second is Valentine, a cute little piglet. They both come with hand embroideredfelt hearts. I’ve had quite a bit of fun making them. It’s getting me to start thinking of making some more embroidered Easter eggs. Also, I will have the mousie for the give-away finished very soon and will post pics probably on Thursday if all goes as planned.


Donna said... [Reply]

Sweet, sweet, sweet, adorable and that chocolate looks so yummy. Beautiful.

Bird said... [Reply]

I adore the mouse! I am a huge mouse fan. Well, not the kind that come in from the outside when you least expect it... but the kind like you make. lol Blessings, Bird

Cinde said... [Reply]

These are absolutely adorable! :)

Grendolyn said... [Reply]

So very sweet.

Meredith Ozer said... [Reply]

I LOVE the heart on the piglet's tushy!

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

Oh My GOODNESS!!!!! Love them both!! Sooooooo Sweet. Such a treat. xxx Morena

Mandy said... [Reply]

Oh just look at them! Your work is just amazing. I really love the little mouse :)

Janet said... [Reply]

I am just in awe of your beautiful work, this little mousey is just a heart thief...cos
mine has been stolen ;)

Laurey said... [Reply]

They are both wonderful, as always! That sweet little mouse has a very delectable looking chocolate bonbon. ;-)

NarinaNäpertää said... [Reply]

I just LOVE, LOVE, Love your mouses! They are so darn cute! (**)
Hugs, Irina

DJ Valbonne said... [Reply]

I really can't get over how beautiful your creations are. I can tell how much effort and love you put into them :)

Donna said... [Reply]

Little Toffee is enjoying Valentine's Day today in which she is the star of the show!!! I am enjoying her!! Thanks Robin!!