Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Candy & Black Berry

These two are now on eBay. I hope you like them :-) 


Bird said... [Reply]

Oh my gosh, I can't stand all this cuteness. These little animals are incredibly detailed and just so precious. I love them.

Meredith Ozer said... [Reply]

Your very talented and I admire all of your work :)

Grendolyn said... [Reply]

So incredibly adorable!

Laurey said... [Reply]

Another adorable mouse!! Love the hat, coat, and candy heart--beautiful colors.

I also love the quillwork on the little hedgie. They look so real, I can't believe it's mohair!

Jan J. said... [Reply]

More adorable animals - the little spikes on the hedgehog are just perfect! I would love to know your secret on those!

Lori K said... [Reply]

Cute overload!
Hey...we are across the desert from each other! I'm in the Antelope Valley.

Mandy said... [Reply]

I am just in love with these two! Your work is just amazing!

Cinde said... [Reply]

Sweet! :) Thanks for hosting such the Buttercup giveaway!

Janet said... [Reply]

The hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am speechless with delight <3

NarinaNäpertää said... [Reply]

Oh my...! They are SO adorable!!
I so wish I had even 1/6 of your talent....
What an artist you are!!
Hugs, Irina

Donna said... [Reply]

Awwwwwwwwww, these little guys are so cute!!!