Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stanley, Oliver's Buddy

I just finished little Stanley last night. He was sculpted then hand dyed his beautiful bright Spring green. He was then shaded with archival artist inks and accented with needle felted red and yellow wool. His little legs are wired and posable and he has wire enforced Apoxie Sculpt claws.  I thought it would be funny to have the hare and the tortoise. But mine ended up being a turtle instead.

Stanley was modeled after one of those little red eared sliders that were so popular in the pet stores some years back. My sisters and I had them as pets when we were kids. My older sister named hers Snow Ball and mine was Pepper because he was so active. I don't know why Snow Ball got his name. Maybe because he was so round? I definitely don't remember green snow.

Stanley's auction starts this Sunday @ 6:45 PM PST. His reserve price is $100.00 and his Buy It Now will be $165.00.

Thanks for looking :-)


Dorote said... [Reply]

Oh mine! each time I see your felted creatures, I fall in love!

julietk said... [Reply]

Both are real beauties :-) Please come and join my giveaway for a Mini Bunny.

Rabbit Liza said... [Reply] made the little zoo i have at home...I have a rabbit and a bunny :-) The turtle is beautiful and its colors really remind of the spring! Wonderful work!

Jeanie said... [Reply]

The turtle has a wry smile......he knows he'll win!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone! It looks as though Oliver has been sold ;-)! Little Stanley will have to find some new friends.

Gail Burton said... [Reply]

That has got to be the cutest turtle EVER!! Just brilliant, I love your stuff.

Wendy Luane Barber said... [Reply]

The turtle is adorable. I love the expression on his face. I love your work and so very inspired.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks Wendy & Gail!

Raggy Rat said... [Reply]

every time i pop back here im charmed ....