Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lulabelle & Lily

I just finished little Lulabelle today and put the finishing touches on Lily.  They both willl be up for auction on eBay this Sunday at 6:45 pm PST with a reserve price of $135.00 each. I really enjoy doing baby possums. The real ones are really cute.


Jeanie said... [Reply]

Lulabelle is my favorite this time, hands down! I think possums are adorable! Of course, Lily is a cutie too....

PAKY said... [Reply]

they are so cute, I love them!

Rascal Rescue said... [Reply]

The real ones are really cute...I get a few of those every baby season....and Lulabelle looks just like them! Wow!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone for the compliments :-)!
Deanne, That's cool. I used to have a family of them nesting in the Chistmas ornaments in the basement. The babies were so cute nestled in the tinsel. I had to move the onrnaments upstairs as they ate the dough ornaments and I was worried they might injure themselves on the glass ones. I made them a nest box in the same place complete with the tinsel. They would always come out and visit everytime we would barbeque. There were three little ones and sometimes mom. They would line up and beg. They loved grilled veggie dogs and watermelon.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Lily has been sold.

Kynthia said... [Reply]

I love the rabbit! it looks so pretty~ =)

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said... [Reply]

EEEK--they are both just TOO CUTE!!! Gosh, I LOVE your work!

Rabbit Liza said... [Reply]

This time I must say that inspite of my deep love to rabbits I like this baby possum very much :-D ...pity that I never saw them in reality as the one you've made looks sooooooo cute and lovely :-)

CWPoppets said... [Reply]

The face of the baby possum is lovely.

Donna S. said... [Reply]

I love them both, wish I had got to bid on the Rabbit.

Bearly Sane said... [Reply]

Gorgeous ... but the bunny stole my heart!
Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Rebecca said... [Reply]

Wow -- both are stunning! The bunny is so elegant, somehow.

Josje said... [Reply]

I had to look up some pictures of opossums as I didn't know what they looked like (we don't have them over here). He is a real cutie, though he looks like he could get into a little bit of trouble. But with a face like that, I'm sure he'll soon be forgiven anything he did.
The little bunny is precious, what a sweet face!