Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Having a Sale of Sorts

This week I'm starting all of my felties at $9.95 with no reserve! There have been quite a few people who have expressed interest in my work. But they could not afford it. Now those buyers have a chance at winning one of my pieces. Who knows, you could win one of my felties for well under the $100 0r more dollars that my work usually go for. The auctions are set to private just in case the item is purchased for a gift.

Included in this set of auctions is a little mousie on a wooden spool. He was inspired by the mouse in Beatrix Potter's tale, "The Tailor of Gloucester". I have seen others use this image without giving her credit. This is just my gentle reminder to myself and others on eBay to give credit where credit is due. Since the economy has taken a real hit, I've noticed a lot of artists are only doing what they know will sell. Consequently, there are some very similar items and items that are taken from other's imaginations. I'm not too sure that competition in the marketplace helps creativity. My opinion is that when things are tight, people take fewer chances. In effect, it ends up being like a dog chasing its tail. The fewer choices there are, the less interest and less purchases. The one good thing is it helps to hone your technique when your up against some other very talented artists. So when the economy picks up, there will be some really innovative highly skilled works out there. In the meanwhile , I'll try to expand my works with new styles and techniques while sticking to my tried and trues.

I hope you all like my latest works. Mention this blog if your the winner of one of my items and you'll receive a coupon towards free shipping on your next purchase. Please click here to view my auctions.

Thanks, Robin