Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Here's my latest little mouse, Gertrude. I hope you all like her :-)


Jan J. said... [Reply]

How cute is she?! Adorable!

AliceKiss said... [Reply]

Ох и хорошенькая мышь! Просто красавица!

PILAR6373 said... [Reply]

Es adorable!!!

jessica said... [Reply]

Gertrude is just adorable.

Helen Bowie said... [Reply]

OMG! She is absolutely adorable. I am amazed how real you make your felted needlework. What is it with us? I have loved little mice all my life, I have a few small realistic plastic ones in my cupboard with glass doors! Would not want a real one in there but love them.

I enjoy seeing all your artistic talents and wonder what you will create next? How long does it take you to make a small mouse? Hours I bet.

Thanks for sharing.

Karine Brooks said... [Reply]

I am so in love with your little mice and am delighted beyond anything to have won the bidding on e-bay I know she has wings but I will find a way to work with that.I will be watching for a daddy and maybe two babies to go with my mouse. My intent is to use them as a display in my dad's nursing home to get the residents out of their room and into the rec room. Plan is to make a "mouse cottage", to be built by Christmas, (thanks so hubby! While I can't afford the sell by price I can keep my fingers crossed that I win again. Keep on making them please.
My dad's home is at River Mountain Village in Newport, Washington in case you wondered where I was emailing from.


Debra said... [Reply]

stop it.. Just stop! Can't handle this ADORABLE LITTLE MOUSE!!