Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Latest Little Owlet, Collette

Collette has real feathers needle felted in. She started out with the idea that she was to be an adult owl. But she cried out to be little Owlet instead.  Little Collette has already sold.

I received some rather long awaited news. Back in November of last year I purchased an Addiquick needle felting tool. I was so excited. It meant possibly saving my hands and wrists. It also meant that I'd have more time to do larger more detailed pieces. But unfortunately, my addiquick
Super heated and nearly fried. I returned it only told learn that there was a problem with
The design of the wiring. I was told that I'd receive a replacement when the design flaw
Was fixed. Here it is nearly 1 year later and I've got the new Addi Quick being shipped to me! I can't wait ;-)


Kays Kids said... [Reply]

YOur little Owlet is wonderful . I am very impressed with you felting in the feathers.
Hugs Kay