Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little Caramel

Wow! It’s only 10 days until the drawing for little Buttercup! Time sure does fly.  And it’s only 10 days until Valentine’s Day!  Little Caramel is the last of my Valentine’s Day themed mice.  She comes complete with her heart shaped candy box and her very own chocolate (polymer clay) magnet.  Caramel is currently on eBay.


Bird said... [Reply]

Oh your mice are so precious. Very sweet faces. You can see the personalities in them. :D

Wendy Luane Barber said... [Reply]

Your little ones are so adorable.

Donna said... [Reply]

Oh she is so cute. I love the way she is holding the box of candy behind her back.

Kikka N said... [Reply]

OMG...Little Caramel is stunning! Very beautiful and cute!

Jan J. said... [Reply]

What a little darling! I wish I had a sweetheart to buy her for me!

NarinaNäpertää said... [Reply]

Ooh..How adorable!! (^^)
Hugs, Irina

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said... [Reply]

Oh my GOODNESS! Little Caramel is absolutely PERFECT!! Well done!!!


Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

Such a sweet face!!! I love her Valentine box and the large Caramel Chocolate!!! Your little ones have such personality. Perfect as always.

Mandy said... [Reply]

Oh Caramel is just gorgeous!

Kelly said... [Reply]

Love it, so talented!!

DollZandThingZ said... [Reply]

Oh! What a cutie! Love!!!

Steinworks said... [Reply]

little caramel is very cute :)


Veronique Blommaart said... [Reply]

Aaww... Caramel is adorable!!! I'm melting inside...

Chris P's Minis and More said... [Reply]

oh sorry I thought it was a give away delete my comment, she is adorable!

Donna said... [Reply]

So Sweet!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

No worries, Chris :-) All of your comments count as an entry to win Buttercup. Just remember that multiple comments per post count as one entry.

themicelady said... [Reply]

Gosh, I posted a while ago and I don't see it! I've been looking for your work on ebay but haven't been able to find anything. It would be great if you could help me. Thanks!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Hi Mice Lady,
Here's a link to Caramel's auction:

Also, if you look on the right hand side of the blog there is an eBay widget that displays my current auctions and will link you to them on eBay. I also have an ETSY widget there, too. But haven't posted much in my ETSY store.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

You'll need to copy and paste the url into your address bar. :-) Thanks

Meredith Ozer said... [Reply]

Little Caramel can be my valentine anyday!

Grendolyn said... [Reply]

Very sweet.

Sanfelko Felkowski said... [Reply]

I couldn't find Caramel on ebay until I pasted the link from your responses...congratulations to you on your sale, and to the lucky winner!

DJ Valbonne said... [Reply]

Wow, glad to see this one has found a loving home :) I just happened to stumble upon your blog, and I love your works!

Janet said... [Reply]

oh this just leaves me speechless. So very lovely <3