Saturday, May 4, 2013

Close-up of my Mousie

This picture was edited with some effects using Picasa.  Lately, I've been looking into ways to improve my photograpy skills so I can get some decent shots of my little guys in a setting. I'm hoping that once my pictures improve I can use them for sets of greeting cards or maybe a book. What do you think?


Donna said... [Reply]

Great idea. :-)

Donna said... [Reply]

Great idea. :-)

WrittenEmber said... [Reply]

A book would be amazing! When I was a kid I loved picture books done through photography, especially things involving miniatures. I remember one that was a story about a farm, told through pictures of toy farm animals arranged on miniature sets. Felted animals would have been even cuter!

NarinaNäpertää said... [Reply]

I think book would be fab (^^)
LOVE your mouses - so cute!!

Ooo..Wish I had your talent! - would love a mouse of my own..

MiniHugs, Irina

magnolienrinde said... [Reply]

It's a great idea! :)