Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Koko & Spot, plus Little Ellie May

Pictured above are my two latest little ones on eBay.  I hope you all like them.
And the winner for this year's give away is a mouse! This is the 4th time a mouse has won in the 4 years that I had a give-away :-).

So just as in the previous three give-aways, when you make a comment in one of my posts from now until February 28, it counts as one vote.  Multiple comments per post count as one entry. Good luck to all of you and thank you for taking the time to read my posts and comment.  You all are super!

I took a close-up of Elly May's mat to show you all something new I learned how to do.  I used freezer paper that was printed on the slick side to stamp the design onto the felt.  it gave me a lot of ideas for more things I can do.

I also bought a new toy, a Print Gocco. It's kind of a table top silk screen machine that was popular in Japan in the 80's. I'm really excited about it.  So pretty soon, I may have some other things to show you.  I'm also making some brooches for my ETSY store.  I just finished an octopus and am working on an owl. I'll take pictures soon.


Jeanie said... [Reply]

Ellie May looks like quite the performer! So very cute!

DollZandThingZ said... [Reply]

Both of them are so cute...as always! The print on the mat looks intriguing!

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness!!!! Such sweet faces. Such sweet personalities.
You're GREAT!

Kikka said... [Reply]

O`my how sweet they both are! :)
You are so Very Talented Artist!

Donna said... [Reply]

Wow, love the clown suit on Koko. They are both wonderful. :-)

Jordan Silvia said... [Reply]

The both of these, as well as everything else you make are absolutely adorable!!! :D

sharon's shabby creations said... [Reply]

Your new creations makes me smile!! such a nice one!!

Hugs sharon

Plushpussycat said... [Reply]

Mice really are darling--I can see why they're so popular. This possum and mouse are both adorable--great work! xo Jennifer

Edwina Sutherland said... [Reply]

The little clown is just adorable. You really have the cute factor down !

Heather said... [Reply]

Hello, Robin Joy Andrea,
I am really excited by your works. They’re all looking so alive.
The little mouses Little Red Riding Hood and Little Red Riding Mouse (Jan. 210) remind me of the mice of Beatrix Potter, Foxwood Tales and “Brombeermäuse” (Blackberry mouses). They are so beautiful that I get really crazy about. But Patrick the hedgehog, Stella the barn owl and Reynard the red fox are just as nice.
Best regards
Susi from Bavaria

Ninni said... [Reply]

You are so talented!!
Ellie May is adorable.

hugs from

Carina in Sweden

Elizabeth S said... [Reply]

I think that your work is sooo special! God has given you a gift for details as well as for imbuing the 'little ones' with life and personality!


Brooklyn Whimsy said... [Reply]

Your art has inspired me to try needlefelting! I have a beginners books on hold at the library...but honestly, I think I'll start with making needle felted balls. Lol. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I just discovered your blog and love your work! I'm in love!