Friday, March 2, 2012

Pansy & Hank

Here's two that I used the reverse needles on.  I first found out about them through Joanne's blog Desert Mountain Bears. She does the most amazing Teddies. If you're not familiar with her work, you really should check it out. Since then, I have found two other felting friends using them, Helen Priem and Victor Dubrosky. They both do amazing work as well. It's interesting how differently we all work using the same supplies and tools. I found that I like rooting the hair in as I used to and then using the reverse needles to help further lock it in.  By using the reverse needles alone I found the fur to be a bit wirey looking.  It could work rally nicely for some animals and effects.  For the bunny, I first felted him with my core wool. Then I added a layer of dark brown wool on top.  Next I felted a wirey llama wool of it. Then I next felted some light fawn alpaca.  After it was all finished I used the reverse needles to pull out the fibers. I really liked how it mixed the colors. But I'm not to sure I like the texture.  For a Hank, the Guinea Pig, I used a black romney wool for the core and felted mohair into it. I then used the reverse needles to pull wool through. It worked really well for locking in the rooted mohair.


Sharon said... [Reply]

They are both beautiful! They look very realistic. I have ordered some of the needles too... Not very sure what I will use them for yet, but they sounded interesting! Xxx

MagicByLeah said... [Reply]

Wow they look so realistic, especially that guinea pig, how did you get him to stay still and pose for the photo?
Absolutely AMAZING craftsmanship

Every time I see your new listings my temptation to splurge on needle-felting supplies goes up, I will have to cave one day soon

Bama said... [Reply]

Sooooooooo cute! Love the bunnies especially!

Bobbie Ripperger said... [Reply]

Robin - these turned out Wonderfully! Each piece is unique and I think that they have definitely proved their worth in your style of working. Perhaps it's just because the tan/fawn/browns show up better in the bunny but the fur look VERY realistic - just perfect!

Thank you for writing about your impressions of the reverse felting needle.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks Everyone! :-)
Bobby, do you still have more reverse needles for sale? I f you do I'd be happy to post a link for you.