Monday, January 23, 2012

Sophia, a Valentine's Day Piggy

I finished little Sophia a bit too late for listing her at my usual time. So she's going up for auction on eBay tonight at  6:45 PM PST.  I hope you like her.


Jeanie said... [Reply]

She's absolutely adorable!

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

OH WOW!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!! You always make me smile...Hugs, Morena

Sharon said... [Reply]

She is precious. :) Such a sweet face and I love the bows on her ears!


Es muy lindo y gracioso ¡¡

Donna said... [Reply]

Love those ears and her little bows. Very sweet.

Helen Priem said... [Reply]

Oh Oh Robin , I love your piggies !

Melli´s Hobby said... [Reply]

What a wonderful vanentine piggy. I love it.

Kirsi said... [Reply]

OMG!!! Adorable! I love her! You are so good in needle felting! <3

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said... [Reply]

Muy simpático¡

Shearer's Girl said... [Reply]

She is gorgeous! She's even hairy like pigs are, so realistic.

BiWuBär said... [Reply]

A real beauty - but she knows she's pretty, no doubt... ;O)


Kelly said... [Reply]

OMG,I love her!!

Donna said... [Reply]

Ahhhhhhhh, what a cute little piggy!!!

Cerchio Fatato said... [Reply]

Really beautiful!!!

Kikka said... [Reply]

Wonderful, wonderful creation, so CUTE! So Sweet!

Bama said... [Reply]

Adorable! Your little piggies are my second favorites. Your mice are my number one favorites, but everything you make is amazing!

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said... [Reply]

Oh I love Sophia, I just gush over your piggies.

Fabiola said... [Reply]

Bye Faby

Lizzie said... [Reply]

I think this is my favorite. Just beautiful!!

Angel`s Little Ones said... [Reply]

She is beautiful, Angelique

Hilde said... [Reply]

She must have a bunch of friends to chose from! So cute and adorable

Alisa said... [Reply]

Your creations are just stunning. I just began needle felting and this makes me want to do more. Thank you for sharing. Alisa