Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Robin Charity

Cheapie is a big fellow at 4 1/2 inches tall
  This is my first auction without a donation. My propane is at 5 % and I need to raise enough money money to buy more.  I debated pretty hard about this one. I can handle a cold shower or two until I can get the funds. But I don't want to do it to poor Bullet. He suffers enough already with his baths.  So this one is 100% to the Robin charity. My propane company makes me buy 100 gallons at a time because I live so out of the way.  I'm also figuring that the next two will also be the same as propane is over $3.00 a gallon. Gulp.
So here's Cheapie. I named him after my little sister's Easter chick the grew up to be a very fiesty rooster. He used to chase the dog around the yard!

His fuzzy down is Merino wool hand-rooted in

His feet and beak were sculpted from polymer clay


Kikka said... [Reply]

She is a Beauty!

Belka said... [Reply]


Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria said... [Reply]

que bonito este pollito ,te ha quedado muy real.
tus trabajos son una autentica obra de arte.
este blog es magnifico.
un beso

Andrea Thieck Miniatures said... [Reply]

It's a wonderful little beauty. I hope, youl'll get a lot of propane for it. Andrea

Fabiola said... [Reply]

It's wonderful!

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

I can't believe it! She's so real! What a wonderful creation.
You bring us such joy!
Many xxx

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said... [Reply]

OOPs! Just noticed that he is a boy!!!
Sorry! Such a sweet face!

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

I LOVE HIM! My chickens are now two years old, but you captured the spirit of a feisty little chick perfectly! :) Great work! I had a little Orpington rooster chick that was the friendliest baby and lives now with 18 hens and is a happy guy!

Dorote said... [Reply]

another wonderful creature! I love him!
and you do not have to explane that you need money for a living - being an artist doesn't mean that you must live in poverty and work for free just to make others happy :) I wish you the best luck in auction - you deserve it!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks, everyone for the compliments and comments. When I was little we raised chickens. I always used to like going to the hatchery to pick the baby chicks out.

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said... [Reply]

Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Hi Kathy,
Welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliment. My work isn't exactly miniature, though. Most of my small critters are actually life-sized. I do however really admire miniature work and make some either 1:12 or 1:6 scale.

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

I wondered if you would be making any more felted chickies? I missed out on this one on ebay! Here's a link to a photo of one of my ladies when she was a baby:

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Hi Elizabeth,
If you're interested I could do another chick. You little girl looks very sweet :-)