Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Bully ~ 20% Donation to Bull Terrier Rescue

Here's little Molly. Since it's so close to Christmas, I put her on as a Full Price listing. She's a little large for one of my felties at nearly 14 inches long and 7 inches tall to the ear.  20% from her sale will go to Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc.  to help pay for Mr. Bullet's expenses. My son, Travis, has taken to calling him Lord Bullington.


julietk said... [Reply]

That must have taken some many hours of work. You have captured the face perfectly. He he Bully for you :-) Happy holidays

Anonymous said... [Reply]

That is SO cute! I would bid on it but I know my real Bull Terrier would find a way to get it eventually....

berri said... [Reply]

she is so beautiful!! what a wonderful and enviable talent you have:) thanks for sharing.


Suz said... [Reply]

Robin, this must have taken hours and hours of work! What is the eBay item number? I'll post on our Rescue page. Thank you so much for donating a portion of sale proceeds to Rescue, and for taking such good care of Bullet! ~Suz

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone for the compliments. She took me about a week to complete. The most time consuming thing were her little toes and paw pads.
Hi Suz, She just sold. I'll send the donation as soon as I receive the payment.

Wendy Luane Barber said... [Reply]

Wow! When I first looked at the pic, I thought the pooch was real. Way to go girl!!!!!!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks, Wendy :-)!

Gail Burton said... [Reply]

I just saw this Robin, she is absolutely beautiful!!!

Gail x

Rascal Rescue said... [Reply]

She's beautiful!