Monday, June 21, 2010

Bears and Dog Sitting

Here's some pics of my next project and one of Char, a lovely greyhound mix that I'm doggy sitting for the next couple of weeks. She's not supposed to get up on the furniture at her house. But at mine anything goes. It's nice to have a dog in the house again.

My wire frame with steel shot bags sewn on,
plus a reference photo of Bart, the Bear. He was 9 feet 6inches tall!
My intial sketches
Char relaxing on the furniture.
I love the way she crosses her paws.


Fiver said... [Reply]

Well, first of all I just want to say I think Char is a gorgeous greyhound! I've always wanted one - when there was greyhound racing in Portland, there was a program to adopt the retired dogs, and they just seem like the sweetest dogs too.
Secondly - WOW, that is some project you're going to be working on!!! I am so excited to see it - will you show work in progress photos?? (I hope, I hope, I hope, lol)

Maria Narbon said... [Reply]

That such a fantastic project!

My poodle also crosses paws when it is waiting, is a very "elegant" attitude, ha, ha, ha!

Meri Wiley said... [Reply]

Hi Robin,

Are you making both the indian and the bear together, separate, or just the bear?

Great subject, and with your talent, it's going to be amazing when done.


Ascension said... [Reply]

Un proyecto fantastico, espero poder verlo evolucionar, ve subiendo fotos.
Tu perro es una maravilla.
besitos ascension

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Char is pretty special. I'm going to miss her when she has to go back to her owner. She's really sweet and pretty funny. She dances on her hind legs when she really wants something and plays catch with you. She even throws the ball back by boinking it with her nose kind of like seal.

Fiver, greyhounds are pretty neat. I've never owned one but have met a few. I've always had bull terriers. Hopeflly I'll get some in progress photos if my camera cooperates.

Maria, Your poodle sounds like quite the lady or gent! Thanks for the compliment on my project.

Meri, I'm making them as companion pieces. It was inspired by an idea that a friend of mine and I had some years ago. We wanted to make dolls of indigenous peoples from around the world. We were both in kind of a career and creative slump. She was a dancer with a back injury and I was frustrated with a dead end job. Her back healed and she's now a pretty successful choreographer. She acted and assisted with the choreography for "New World" and did the choreography for "Apacolypto". She has a a dance troop in Santa Fe.
I got a better job and the project got shelved. So I'm thinking of reviving it with one of a kind dolls and animals from their area. But I won't have Rulan to do the costuming. We'll see how it goes as I haven't really sculpted that many people before.

Thanks, Ascension, for the compliments and confidence in my project.

Rascal Rescue said... [Reply]

Oh that's going to be awesome! I loved Bart...what a beautiful, amazing being he was!