Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cold Porcelain and a New Feltie

Well here it is Sunday again and listing time. I just finished this little burro a couple of days ago and made her a garland of morning glories using a recently learned sculpting medium. I found out about cold porcelain quite by accident.   I was looking at some miniature art by Loredana Tonetti that I thought was just the sweetest work I'd ever seen and noticed that she said she used cold porcelain. I googled "cold porcelain" to see just what the heck this stuff is.  I found out that it's made from some very simple household items and it seemed a lot like a play-dough recipe I used to make for my kids.  Here's a link to the recipe I used and some recently learned sculpting  tips. 

  • Cornstarch helps Apoxie Sculpt from sticking to you work surface.
  • It works better than water for smoothing your Apoxie Sculpt, too.
  • When looking for Cold Porcelain recipes, always use ones with some type of oil to prevent your work from cracking.
  • Cold porcelain shrinks quite a bit. So sculpt your pieces at least 20 % larger than you want the finished piece.
  • Soak your dishes imediately after making this stuff. It's really hard to remove once it's dried.
  • Magic markers work great for adding color to small amounts of cold pocelain. But don't use your best markers. I ruined a couple. I used gouache to color a lot of it.
As for little Belle, she goes up for auction tonight at the usual time. Her reserve price is $135.00 and her Buy It Now price is $224.00.  She stands 6 inches at the shoulder and has Apoxie Sculpt hooves.  She was one of my more time consuming pieces, taking nearly 7 days to complete. I hope you all like her.


Fiver said... [Reply]

OMG Robin, you are seriously the best sculptor with needle felting that I've ever seen!!! That is the cutest, sweetest little burro!!!!! I just love her!!!! Best of luck with the auction.

Gail Burton said... [Reply]

Oh Robyn, she is sooo sweet and so perfect! I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next, lol!

Gail x

Meri Wiley said... [Reply]

Wow, Robin that is one of the most incredible sculpts I've seen in a long time. Maybe if I sell enough at my show this coming Saturday I can purchase one of your pieces.....oh how happy I would be! Awesome job!


Heather said... [Reply]

You're stuff is just so darn cute!

Ok... so... cold porcelain... how sturdy is it? Do you think it would work ok for larger sculpts, or is it better for small delicate things? How hard is it to work with?

Ascension said... [Reply]

Que preciosidad!!!!!
besitos ascension

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone for the compliments :-)!
Heather, it's really easy to use. It thins down greatly. I would put it on par with polymer clay as for strength. However, it is water soluble. I've seen dolls made from this. But It takes a while to dry for thicker pieces.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

這麼優的部落格,不踩一下不開心 ........................................

Leedra said... [Reply]

This one is adorable.