Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nuno Felting & Two New Works.

Sorry, I've been kind of avoiding posting in my blog. My internet connection has been extremely slow. it's been like slogging through deep mud just to try to get anything done. I've checked for viruses, worms and adware and nothing has come up. I thought it might be a Vista update. But restoring to last week did nothing. It may be my server. But enough of this boring stuff.

I finished two pieces and have them on eBay now. I tried a new technique that I learned about on Chrissy P's blog, "The Felted Chicken". It's called nuno felting. Nuno felting is a wet felting technique that involes wet felting over a sheer piece of fabric. Chrissy is in the process fof making a very awesome jellyfish using this technique. I can hardly wait to see it finished.

Nuno felting is so much fun! You get to play in water and you get to slam things against the counter. How cool is that? I've also been going crazy dyeing my wool with Koolaid. (Thanks again, Chrissy for inspiring me) I just love art! You get to play and you end up with a really neat thing.

So what was it that I nuno felted? Some fall leaves (dyed with Koolaid) for my squirrel and the leaf for the little mousie's pumpkin and her fairy wings. So here are my latest two. They both end on Tuesday night at 6:45 PM PDT. The reserve price for each is $145.00.


Chrissy P. said... [Reply]

You are amazing!!! I'm making some pumpkins too for my family cause I'm visiting in October. I love the wings! Your pieces are so amazingly realistic! Fantastic!!!

Robin Andreae said... [Reply]

Thanks Chrissy! You're such an inspiration. I'm glad I stumbled on to your blog! You do some pretty awesome innovative work!!!!

Bearly Sane said... [Reply]

Robyn the are just beautiful pieces...I am so glad I stumbled on your blog!
Warmest hugs,