Monday, June 15, 2009

Glowie & Ginger

Here it is, the third week of the great experiment. I'm back to reserves. The others did well with the higher starting prices. But I think that I'll give this a try for a couple of weeks just to say I gave it a fair shot. Hint ~ The reserve on both of them is $95.00.

Presently. I'm taking a break from felting to give my poor arm a rest and am working on a pattern for a sewn teddy friend. The mohair that I have is perfect for a little lion cub. I'm a bit ambicious because it's only my third sewn teddy ever. I'm trying to make him fully jointed and posable. eyes mouth and everything. I hope it's not a waste of mohair. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm going to try it out on muslin first. I'll let you know how it progresses
So here's first, Glowie. She was designed after a little opossum baby who was found nesting in my Christmas ornaments in the basement. She and her brothers and sisters were always there begging for veggie dogs and watermelon whenever we would fire up the barbeque. I'm particu;arly proud of her needle felted watermelon slice. I love making felt food.
I even included some felt food with Ginger, the little mouse. She has a needle felted fortune cookie. Her fortune reads "On the waves of your dreams you glide forward towards the shores of your better life."

I hope you enjoy them!