Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peace Felt!

I was so surpised when I received my package from my Peace Felt partner. It's really a lovely piece with lots of meaning! She also sent along some flower bulbs and angelica root. Angelica root is very special to me because it reminds me of a friend who passed away a few years back. He was a Pomo Miwok elder and angelica root is used in a lot of their ceremonies, especially ones that have to do with the bear. My friend's name was Bun Lucas. He got his name Bun because when he was a little kid he used hop around like a bunny. It kind of stuck. Bun is probably one of the kindest most gentle souls. He was always open to teaching people about his culture and spent a lot of time wildcrafting herbs for baskets and medicines. The bulbs I am sending to a friend of mine who has a very green thumb and who was also very close to Bun. I on the otherhand have a very brown thumb and live in the desert where lots of bugs and animals would find the bulbs to be tastey treats. We both worked on saving a plot of land that Bun and his people needed to gather Dog Bane used for making fishing nets. The area was very sacred to his people.

The pictures below are of the piece hanging from my fence. It's kind of weird. I never thought that I'd like chain link fencing. But the winds are so high here, it keeps my neighbor's patio furniture from blowing into my house!

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