Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gray Squirrel, Gray Squirrel Swish Your Bushy Tail

I just finished this little guy today. He kind of reminds me of the camp song "Gray Squirrel". I used to sing it back when I was a camp counselor for developmentally disabled adults and children. The song was complete with hand motions and tail swishing. It goes like this:
Gray squirrel, Gray Squirrel
Swish your busshy tail.
Gray squirrel, Gray squirrel,
Swish your bushy tail,
Wrinkle up your funny nose,
Put a nut between your toes,
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
Swish your bushy tail.

There's a pretty funny website that has videos of people doing the gray squirrel song. It's


  1. Miraculous work! I am inspired!

    Admiring greetings Conni

  2. he's perfect, I expect to see that tail switching at any moment.

  3. Wow, Robin he is absolutely perfect!!! He looks sooooo REAL!!!! Seriously when I saw the thumbnail pic on my "dashboard" I thought it was a post from The Laughing Raccoon, LOL!

  4. He has such a natural appearance - great. Nice to know you've had such a lovely inspiration by that funny song.

  5. Whoa! He looks like the real thing! :D

  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments!

  7. Es absolutamente perfecto!!!
    Maravillosamente real!!!
    besitos ascension

  8. Hi Robin,

    Love the little 'Squiggy' lol....that's what some brits call them (especially me) He's wonderful!

    Gail x

  9. LOL Kristy....I thought the same thing! I was thinking hey..I didn't think I published the squirrel post yet! Absolutely adorable and soooooo realistic! Love it!

  10. He is so perfect and look real.

  11. oh mine, I thought he is alive! Another wonderful creation of you! You are so talented!

  12. LOL Gail! Here people call the m skwerlz. I like squiggies better;-)!
    Thanks everyone for your compliments. You all make me blush!

  13. He's BEAUTIFUL! Started needle felting about three months ago and love it. I call my projects "The Christmas Caper" as many (maybe not so lucky) members of my family will receive some critter that they probably won't recognize....I know I don't yet! You have inspired me to carry on....perhaps there's hope. Thanks!